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WFAA: Sessions denounces rhetoric on refugees...


DALLAS – As fear sweeps many in this state, U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, suggested the rhetoric some use to describe innocent Syrian refugees is disgraceful.


"I think it's reprehensible," the congressman said during a taping of WFAA's Inside Texas Politics to air at 9 a.m. Sunday. "I don't think we should describe innocent people that way. But those people who are perpetrators deserve the full measure of what has happened in France and that is they hunt them down."



Miami Herald: Congress ready to resuscitate Ex-Im bank...


[Jeb] Hensarling is philosophically opposed to the bank, but said Wednesday he knew what to expect after coalition of almost all House Democrats and several dozen Republicans defied GOP leadership and forced a bill to a vote. The result: the House approved an Export-Import Bank reauthorization bill at the end of October.


North Texas Republican lawmakers who voted for the bill: Reps. Kay Granger of Fort Worth, Joe Barton of Ennis, and Pete Sessions of Dallas.



Right Side News: Weekly Immigration Reform Report: Refugee Resettlement...


In an attempt to improve the bill, a group of House Republicans led by Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) introduced an amendment that would have placed a six-month moratorium on refugee resettlement. (Breitbart, Nov. 18, 2015) The amendment also would have required a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study within 90 days to assess the economic impact of refugees on state and local governments. (Id.) However, House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) announced that the bill would be voted on under a closed rule, effectively blocking all amendments — including Rep. Babin’s — from being offered to the bill. (Id.) 



Conservative HQ: GOP Establishment Owns Obama's Syrian Refugee Threat...


Establishment Republicans now facing serious primary challenges, such as incumbent establishment Republican Martha Roby in Alabama-2, who is being challenged by Becky Gerritson, like incumbent Renee Ellmers in NC-2, who is being challenged by Frank Roche and Jim Duncan, and like incumbent Pete Sessions in TX-32, who is being Obamachallenged by Russell Ramsland are now trying desperately to run away from the Syrian refugee jihadi threat because they repeatedly voted to fund it.  


And by giving Obama a blank check in the budget and spending bills that could have stopped the Syrian “refugee” madness Republicans own the Syrian refugee jihadi infiltration problem. 



Politico: Bush plans major D.C. fundraiser


Among the names listed on the invitation are Sens. Susan Collins and Orrin Hatch and House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions. Also included are Bush family loyalists such as former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, former Transportation Secretary Maria Cino, and former George W. Bush chiefs of staff Andy Card and Josh Bolten. Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is also listed.




Chronicle: Jeb Bush Texas Team includes Pete Sessions, Joe Straus, Dan Branch, John Carona


The Texas Leadership Committee, which the Bush campaign stressed was just an "initial" list of major surrogates, includes both prominent politicians and major GOP donors.


The politicians include state House Speaker Joe Straus, Congressman Pete Sessions and Congresswoman Kay Granger, Sen. Kevin Eltife of Tyler and former state lawmakers Dan Branch, John Carona, Bob Deuell and Florence Shapiro. The donors include oil and gas executives T. Boone Pickens, Javaid Anwar and Trevor Rees-Jones.



WFAA: Allen West won't challenge Pete Sessions, but Leaves Open Return to Politics


"I'm not really sitting down and worrying about what Pete Sessions is doing," West told Inside Texas Politics. "I know Pete very well. I know him as the Rules Chairman and some of the things he has done. But I think it's for the voters overall to decide when we have the election next year."



Texas Tribune: Bush Unveils Texas Leadership Committee


Among those initially tapped for the former Florida governor's Texas Leadership Committee: Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, U.S. Rep. Kay Granger of Fort Worth, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions of Dallas and Bush's son, Land Commissioner George P. Bush. Also on the list are heavyweight donors and fundraisers such as Midland oilman Javaid Anwar, Dallas developer Ross Perot Jr. and energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens.



POLITICO: Katrina Pierson Joins Team Trump as National Spokesperson


Tea party activist and former congressional candidate Katrina Pierson has joined the Trump train.


Pierson will act as the national spokeswoman for Donald Trump, his campaign confirmed.


“Prior to this she was a passionate supporter and we are excited to have her officially join the team,” spokeswoman Hope Hicks said to POLITICO in an email.



Farmers Insurance agent is running for Congress. Chris Dehart, local business owner in Dallas, TX, is tired of the empty promises being made by Pete Sessions. Like most Americans, he listened to the politicians make their promises and then watched them make excuses. Mr. Dehart has three young children and wants them, and all children, to have a bright future and a great country to grow up in. Chris feels that the lack of respect for Pete’s constituents’ rights, their requests, and the failing score on Conservative Review is the ultimate reasons why Mr. Sessions needs to be replaced. Mr. Dehart decided not to wait for Mr. Sessions to live up to his empty promises and run against him. Mr. Dehart is a social and fiscal conservative. He will defend The Constitution, up hold the law, and vote to cut spending. He will not vote to raise debt ceilings, and will not vote for amnesty. Mr. Dehart is in a business where listening to his clients is very vital, because if he doesn’t they could lose everything. This experience means that he will listen to his constituents the same way, as their voice is no less important to protect. He prides himself in protecting his clients just like he would if they were family or friends. He loves to sleep easy at night knowing that he has helped protect people’s assets and loved ones the best he can. He wants to do the same for all of his future constituents.


Chris Dehart


Office: 972-905-1222

Fax: 214-269-5995




October 28, 2015


Retired Firefighter Announces Candidacy for 

32nd District Congressional Seat


Richardson, TX - “We must replace professional politicians who have forgotten those they have been elected to represent”. This according to Jeff Tokar, a retired Firefighter from North Texas announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Congressional seat of the 32nd District. Jeff is a 30 year professional firefighter and retired President of the Texas Association of Fire Educators. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology and a Masters in Executive Leadership. He was an inaugural member of the Texas Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team, is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer program, and a Master Firefighter with the State of Texas Commission on Fire Protection.


 Jeff’s Platform:


• Stopping illegal immigration and importation of refugees

• Balancing the national budget and reducing the national debt

• Rebuilding the strength and credibility of our military

• Replacing Obamacare with a sustainable competitive medical system

• Overhauling the medical care system for American veterans

• Preserving social security for those Americans who worked for the promise it would be there for their retirement

• Reducing entitlement programs and create a system that provides for the dignity of accomplishment

• Establishing a simplified tax system

• Constraining or eliminating rogue agencies restricting the growth and economic progress of our country

• Retuning respect, honor, and adherence to the United States Constitution


Online campaign donations can be made at www.tokarforcongress.com beginning on November 1st

Fellow Patriots:


As you know, John Boehner is retiring from Congress and vacating the Speaker's chair.  The supposed front-runner to replace him is Kevin McCarthy from California, who has been Boehner's right-hand man in recent years.  While the Establishment Republicans are lining up to support McCarthy, many movement conservatives are lining up to oppose him:




Popular talk radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin is warning Republicans in Washington: don’t replace outgoing House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) (37%) with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (45%)


Levin’s a tirelessly warrior against Speaker Boehner and the Washington establishment. “Kevin McCarthy is Eric Cantor with ten less IQ points,” Levin declares in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.


The radio star adds Republicans must learn their lesson and not repeat the mistakes they made following Eric Cantor’s historic fall from power—namely that Republicans must replace Boehner with a “principled conservative.”


Washington Examiner: Conservatives organize to 'Fire McCarthy'


A group of prominent right-leaning organizations formed a coalition Wednesday dubbed "Fire Kevin McCarthy," pledging to remove the California Republican should he be chosen to replace John Boehner when he retires at the end of next month.


"Having worked with Kevin McCarthy in the House, I'll admit he's a friendly guy," former Georgia Rep. Paul Broun said in a statement announcing the formation of the coalition. "But we need a dramatic change in House leadership — we can't afford to replace Speaker Boehner with someone who will continue to carry out his failed legacy, one that has been stifling conservative progress for six years."


Conservative HQ on Kevin McCarthy:


[If] Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker then we predict House Republicans will continue to lurch from disaster to disaster because Kevin McCarthy is just plain too dumb and incoherent to effectively manage the House, let alone sit two steps away from the presidency.


Wall Street Journal: House Conservatives Pose a Hurdle for Kevin McCarthy’s Rise to Speaker


Daily Caller: California Conservatives, Stung By Old Battle, Wary Of McCarthy As Unifier


“Unfortunately, it seems that [McCarthy's District] is somewhat divided among fellow Republicans. The ‘old guard Republicans’ (as I call them) including the moderates in this part of the central valley are very happy he is running for the speaker position, however I have been noticing the emergence of more conservative/tea party members and young Republicans alike including conservative-libertarians in the valley that are not too thrilled with his track record thus far on both domestic and foreign policy issues.”


Conservative opposition to McCarthy has been long-standing, as evidenced by the strong opposition to his elevation to Majority Leader last year:


Erick Erickson: Not McCarthy


If House Republicans wish to not find common ground with the conservatives who make up their base, McCarthy is a fine pick. But if they want to get everyone together as we head into November and then into 2016, they should consider someone else. McCarthy is a non-starter for conservatives and the bad blood will continue.


Laura Ingraham on McCarthy: "Kevin McCarthy, endorsed by Eric Cantor, is all you need to know."


Mark Steyn Blasts GOP House Conference Move Towards Kevin McCarthy


Well, I think to a certain extent, the Republican leadership is manufacturing these candidates somewhere at a factory in Shanghai, and importing them, you know, they’re all sitting on the docks at wherever waiting to come into the country...


Whatever your position on the House Speaker race, please call Pete Sessions TODAY and let him know your thoughts.  As a member of the House leadership, Pete's decision in this race may be crititcal to the outcome.


(202) 225-2231




John Boehner is handing in the Speakers' gavel, but before he does, he is preparing to FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD:


Boehner said on "Face the Nation" that the Senate will send the House a bill that includes funding for [Planned Parenthood] and the House will clear it for President Barack Obama's signature with the help of votes from Democratic representatives. That's an occasional Boehner tactic that has infuriated conservatives.


(See also Ted Cruz Slams Outgoing John Boehner Over ‘Early Reports’ That He ‘Cut a Deal’ With Nancy Pelosi Before Resigning ,BOEHNER PREPARES PLANNED PARENTHOOD SURRENDER, CRUZ BECOMES LAST HOPE.)






Fifty-five Members of Congress have already signed a letter demanding that the House Leadership defund Planned Parenthood.  (See also EXCLUSIVE: 70 OHIO PASTORS BEG JOHN BOEHNER TO STOP SUBSIDIES FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD).








(202) 225-2231



Where do you stand on defunding Planned Parenthood?


If you're against Planned Parenthood continuing to receive taxpayer dollars, you should know that the GOP House Leadership isn't ready to commit to that.



POLITICO: John Boehner noncommittal on defunding Planned Parenthood


Speaker John Boehner twice stopped short of declaring the House would cut off all government funding to Planned Parenthood, and said he would rely on the results of a pair of congressional investigations to guide his decision....


“I’ve seen these two videos,” Boehner said Thursday. “They’re gruesome and I think they’re awful. That’s why the Energy and Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee are doing an investigation. I expect that we will have hearings, and the more we learn, the more it will educate our decisions in the future.”



THE HILL: Boehner wants 'facts first' before defunding Planned Parenthood


Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is throwing cold water on several House Republicans' efforts to immediately defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of the group's undercover video controversy.


Boehner said Thursday that he will not yet commit to blocking funding for Planned Parenthood after an anti-abortion-rights group produced two videos that attempt to portray the group as illegally profiting from fetal tissue donation.



Huffington Post: John Boehner Mum On Whether GOP Will Defund Planned Parenthood


WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) brushed aside questions Thursday about Republican plans to defund Planned Parenthood.


House Republicans already launched an investigation into the family planning provider this week after an anti-abortion group released undercover footage showing a doctor discussing the donation of fetal parts after an abortion. Boehner wouldn't say if the furor over the videos means the GOP will go after Planned Parenthood's federal funding, too.


"The Planned Parenthood issue is under review by two of our committees," he told reporters. "Listen, I've seen those two videos. They're gruesome and I think they're awful. … I expect we will have hearings. The more we learn, the more we will educate our decisions in the future."



THE HILL: Fifty-five Republicans press Boehner for vote on Planned Parenthood


Fifty-five House Republicans sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Friday requesting a vote next week on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. 


Led by conservative Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), the lawmakers argued that a vote is needed immediately. 


“Accountability is crucial to the American people and we are grateful for the House Judiciary Committee's and the House Energy and Commerce Committee's investigations of Planned Parenthood,” they write.


Where do you stand?  Do you support continuing to fund Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars?  If not, please call Pete Sessions and tell him you oppose taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood:


If you can schedule a face-to-face meeting with Rep. Sessions during the August recess, that would be ideal, but whatever you do, PLEASE CALL:
Pete Sessions' Office:
(972) 392-0505



Is it time for John Boehner to go?


To review, Speaker John Boehner's recent record:


hiking the national debt...

passing CROmnibus...

facilitating ObamaCare...

funding Obama's Executive Amnesty...

passing ObamaTrade...

kissing Nancy Pelosi way too much...


If you think it's time for John Boehner to go, now is the chance to remove John Boehner from the Speaker's Chair--but the effort needs your support.  Here's the scoop:


Conservative Review: Mark Meadows Stands Up to Boehner


"Yesterday, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), embarked on the most important mission any self-described conservative representative can undertake as a member of this Congress. 


He filed a motion to vacate the chair, which commences the process through which a group of roughly 30 conservatives can remove John Boehner from the Speaker’s chair and restore some measure of deterrent against Obama’s impending transformational agenda during his last 18 months in office.   In other words, Meadows pulled the trigger on the one thing that actually matters."




"Boehner’s office has not immediately responded to a request for comment but conservative movement stalwarts including nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin have called for his ouster in recent days.


Meadows is a highly respected conservative member of the House and is intricately involved in the House Freedom Caucus. He’s plugged in party-wide, and wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t think it could be successful."


Politico: House Conservative Seeks John Boehner's Ouster


"...just before 6 p.m. Tuesday — a day before the House was set to leave town for its five-week summer recess — Meadows offered a motion to vacate the chair, an extraordinarily rare procedural move that represents the most serious expression of opposition to Boehner’s speakership. If the motion were to pass — most Republicans say it will be hard to cobble together the votes — Boehner would be stripped of the speaker’s gavel..."


We are in the middle of the August recess.  Congress is not in session.  Representatives are back in their districts, available to meet with constituents.
Please call Rep. Pete Sessions' office at (972) 392-0505 and tell him it's time for John Boehner to go.
This is a critical issue, folks.  If you can schedule a face-to-face meeting with Rep. Sessions during the August recess, that would be ideal, but whatever you do, PLEASE CALL:
Pete Sessions' Office:
(972) 392-0505


You may have received a flyer from Pete Sessions to "explain" TPA Fast Track.  We Fact-Checked the Flyer.


Here's our analysis (click page to read):




Fellow Patriots:


The March Congressional Recess runs from March 6th through March 15th.


This is a time for congressmen to meet with their constituents in the district.


The U.S. House just voted to fund Barack Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program.  How and why did this happen, what--if anything--has your congressman done to stop it, and what is he going to do next?


If you want answers to these and other questions, please call your congressman, Pete Sessions, and let him know the people need to meet with him over the March Congressional Recess!


Rep. Sessions' contact info is here:









Congressman Pete Sessions has been making national headlines this week over his push for amnesty for illegals.  A sample of this weeks' headlines:


GOP Rep. Pete Sessions Flips On Amnesty: “Not One Person … Deported.”


[Pete Sessions] assured the group of Democrats that he would make full use of his “assets and resources” upon the beginning of the new congressional session to “create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported.’”


Though his apparent change of heart was embraced by pro-amnesty lawmakers like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, those who want to enforce America’s immigration laws were noticeably less supportive.



Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty In 2015


Sessions’ promise of de-facto amnesty to Democrats was welcomed by Chicago Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who frequently describes unauthorized migrants as members of his community.



House GOP Leaders Trick 216 House Republicans into Supporting Obama's Executive Amnesty


In a lengthy interview on Friday afternoon, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) exposed how House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise strengthened President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty with procedural trickery former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber would envy—and they did it all in the name of pushing a bill that they told Republicans would block Obama’s executive amnesty.



Congressman Reveals GOP Leaders to Push Amnesty for All but Violent Criminals


One of the top House Republican leaders, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), revealed this week that GOP leaders intend to push an amnesty bill in the next Congress that would subject only the most dangerous illegal immigrant criminals to deportation so that "not one person" who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is "thrown out."



Laura Ingraham on Amnesty: 'What is the Point?' of Having GOP Congress?


"call up Pete Sessions' (R-TX) office, see if they'll join us, see if he'll have a conversation with me about what they're planning to do with this immigration reform, what they're planning to do to sell out American worker. I know this issue. Come on this show, and actually debate someone who knows this issue."



Open Letter: Defeat Pete Sessions


Pete Sessions has betrayed conservatives repeatedly on defunding Obamacare, controlling federal spending, privacy rights, and now says he will use all his power, resources and assets to pass amnesty for illegal aliens. 


In response to this betrayal we the undersigned conservative voters, donors and activists demand you make Pete Sessions the top primary target for 2016. 



Primary Target Acquired


The defeat of House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (TX-32) should be the number one goal of every Republican primary voter in Texas Congressional District 32, and every conservative donor, activist and organization across America.



The First RINO to Be Primaried in 2016 Will Be…


Congressman Pete Sessions (not to be confused with Senator Jeff Sessions, who actually believes in the U.S. Constitution), caused a firestorm among Tea Party conservatives when, after initially condemning Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty executive order, he now has performed a complete flip-flop, promising to use all of his “assets and resources” to make sure that not one person is “thrown out” or “deported,” a new stance that has open borders communist Chicago Rep. Luis Gutierrez literally overflowing with joy. 




Speaker John Boehner has announced that he is 'hellbent' on passing an immigration 'reform' plan this year.  Rep. Pete Sessions is well-known as one of John Boehner's most loyal lieutenants.


Is Pete Sessions equally 'hellbent' on passing an amnesty bill this year?  It's not clear.  We do know Pete Sessions supports legalization of illegal aliens--a policy generally thought of as 'amnesty.'


Given Sessions' powerful position as House Rules Chair, no amnesty bill can make it ot the floor without his blessing.




John Boehner mocks House Republicans for avoiding immigration reform



BREITBART: GOP Leadership Plotting to Pass Amnesty in August, May Put Arizona and Texas in Play for Democrats:


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) wrote to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who has said he was "hellbent" on passing amnesty and mocked conservative opponents who opposed it, to let him know that he would support amnesty legislation because it would help the party.


“It would be in our country’s national interest as well as the interest of our party if this could be achieved and I want to assure you of my support as this effort goes forward,” King wrote to Boehner.


But studies and polls suggest that amnesty legislation, in addition to lowering the wages of American workers, would go against the political interest of Republicans, contrary to the claims made by amnesty proponents. 


According to a Washington Post report, amnesty legislation could put states like Arizona and Texas in play for Democrats. 


In addition, two national polls, conducting by NBC News/Wall Street Journal and ABC News/Washington Post, have also found that a plurality of Americans are less likely to vote for candidates who support amnesty legislation. 


Anti-Amnesty Group ALIPAC Drops Endorsement of Joe Barton over Amnesty Support:


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) announced on Monday that they have dropped their endorsement of Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) when he came out and surprised the group that that he now supports a path to legalization, through a new guest worker program that would remove current penalties of law for millions of illegal immigration.


ALIPAC stated that they have added Barton to the list of GOP lawmakers that support amnesty for illegal immigrants instead of following the law when it comes to illegal immigration and they will not stand for it or continue to support Barton or any other Republican who endorses amnesty.


As you may recall, Barton is not alone.  ALIPAC pulled their endorsement of Rep. Pete Sessions after Breitbart exposed Pete Sessions' support of amnesty for illegal aliens:


“Pete Sessions had a lot of people really fooled into thinking he was a supporter of America's existing border and immigration laws,” William Gheen, ALIPAC’s president, said in a press release. “We were shocked to find out he is one of the Republican sellouts trying to change our existing laws to 'accommodate' and legalize millions of illegal aliens which would eventually permanently degrade America's borders, laws, Constitution, and elections!”


In other news:


WaPo: Why Immigration Reform isn't the Answer for Republicans


Boehner Comes Clean on Immigration Reform


Your thoughts?  Please weigh in below...








Dallas Morning News: Pete Sessions accuses Ted Cruz of working against him:


While Cruz didn’t make an official endorsement in the race, his presence abounded. First, his father, Carrollton minister Rafael Cruz, told me at a Dallas fundraiser that he was backing Pierson.


Later, at an Allen rally, Cruz praised Pierson before a speech, calling her an “utterly fearless, principled conservative.”


During the final week of the campaign, those words popped up in a Pierson radio ad that began: “And now a message from Ted Cruz.”


At first, some Sessions supporters were unclear whether Cruz was actually involved in the race, with email and social media traffic openly questioning whether Rafael Cruz had actually intended to endorse the congressman.


But by the end of the primary, Sessions’ crew knew they were fighting against Pierson and Cruz. Operatives close to the Sessions campaign said the senator helped line up backing for Pierson.



Huffington Post: Sessions: There's No Doubt Ted Cruz Was Plotting Against Me


Nearly three weeks removed from an easy primary victory over tea party challenger Katrina Pierson, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) is convinced that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was not on his side.


In a Sunday interview with KXAS-TV's "Lone Star Politics," Sessions accused Cruz of spearheading an effort to prevent him from earning a tenth term in office.


“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Senator Cruz did get involved and had ideas about who he would prefer to work with, and that’s OK,” Sessions said.


Both Cruz and his father, Rafael, publicly supported Pierson over Sessions. Back in early January, Rafael Cruz gave Pierson his full endorsement at a fundraiser.


“She’s a strict constitutionalist,” Cruz said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "She’s a strong conservative and she wants to do what’s right."



Pete Sessions: Ted Cruz Secretly Plotted Against Me


Fresh off a primary victory over a tea party challenger, incumbent Texas Rep. Pete Sessions thinks Sen. Ted Cruz secretly helped lead the battle against him.


The Republican Texas senator declined to formally endorse either candidate, but he didn’t hide his admiration for tea party candidate Katrina Pierson, who challenged Sessions in the GOP primary. Days after Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, formally endorsed Pierson, Ted Cruz called Pierson "utterly fearless" at a rally in Texas, according to The Dallas Morning News  – not an official endorsement, but Pierson posted the statement on her website as evidence of his support of her campaign. 


Sessions is convinced that Cruz wasn’t just an admirer of Pierson's, but that he was a major force behind it.


"I don’t think there’s any doubt that Sen. Cruz did get involved and had ideas about who he would prefer to work with, and that’s OK," Sessions said in a Sunday interview on Dallas’ KXAS-TV.


Fellow Patriots:


The Texas Congressional District 32 race is officially WHITE HOT!


In the latest developments, viral video has surfaced of Pete Sessions endorsing amnesty, Katrina Pierson just snatched ALIPAC's eight-year endorsement of Sessions, and scooped up Sheriff Richard Mack along with leaders of the Texas First border security coalition.


This comes on the heels of Sessions' successful move to snatch Sheriff Joe Arpaio's endorsement away from Pierson.


In related news, Sessions continues to be dogged by questions of his residency.  Constituents are claiming that Sessions lives in Florida with his wife, while Sessions claims an efficiency apartment in Dallas as his permanent residence.


Polls open at 7:00 am tomorrow.


In the meantime...BREAK OUT THE POPCORN!



CD32 Conservatives Publish Open Letter to Pete Sessions on Residency Questions 


In the wake of allegations that Congressman Pete Sessions no longer lives in the address he claims in Dallas, Congressman Sessions' office has issued a pair of statements partially addressing the issue.  


Finding the Congressman's responses to the allegations to be less-than-satisfactory, a group of conservative constituents in Congressional District 32 has published an Open Letter to Congressman Sessions posing questions regarding his claim to reside in Dallas.  The letter is published below.


Pete Sessions Lives in Florida?


Before coming into office, Members of Congress are required to pledge an oath to uphold the Constitution.  The Constitution places very few requirements on their eligibility.  Members must be 25 years of age, and they must reside in the state they wish to represent.  They don’t even have to live in their district!  These seem like small things to ask, but it has proved a challenge for some Members.




A series of videos from several town halls in 2013 have surfaced showing that Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) supports amnesty for illegal aliens, despite claims from his re-election campaign that he is against allowing illegal aliens stay in America. 


ALIPAC Withdraws Eight-Year Endorsement of Pete Sessions over Amnesty Support; Endorses Katrina Pierson


"Pete Sessions had a lot of people really fooled into thinking he was a supporter of America's existing border and immigration laws," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We were shocked to find out he is one of the Republican sellouts trying to change our existing laws to 'accommodate' and legalize millions of illegal aliens which would eventually permanently degrade America's borders, laws, Constitution, and elections!"


Texas Border Enforcement Activists Endorse Katrina Pierson for CD 32


Katrina Pierson will represent the concerns of Texans and not those of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. Ms. Pierson listens to our concerns and Pete Sessions does not.  If Congressman Sessions doesn’t listen to our concerns now, why would he when he gets re-elected?


Sheriff Richard Mack Endorses Katrina Pierson for Congress


Great news!  Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers' Association, has endorsed our campaign! 


"Katrina Pierson has been fighting for secure borders and the Rule of Law for years," Sheriff Mack says, "I'm confident she will take that fight to Washington.  Please join me in supporting Katrina Pierson for Congress."


Tea Party's Pierson Challenges Pete Sessions on Amnesty Stance


Texas Rep. Pete Sessions told a town hall meeting last year that he does not oppose allowing illegal aliens who do not have a criminal history and are in the country for the "right reason" to stay in America, Breitbart News reported.


Sessions, who is being challenged by tea party aligned candidate Katrina Pierson, is seen on video as saying that the House had designed a system "that would accommodate millions of people who are here for the right reasons, millions of people who today may be illegal — illegally here — but who would be handled fairly under a process." 


Arizona sheriff switches support from Katrina Pierson to Pete Sessions in congressional race


“I was told by Ms. Pierson and her supporters that Pete Sessions was in favor of weakening our nation’s immigration system and was a supporter of amnesty. I’ve since found out that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Arpaio said in a written statement released by the Sessions campaign. “Pete has been a consistent voice for law enforcement and strong proponent of border security issues throughout his nine terms of service in Congress.”


Republican North Texas Congressional Race Gaining National Attention


But the GOP incumbent, whose chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee and one of House Speaker John Boehner’s top lieutenants, finds himself on the defensive against Pierson who questions his conservative credentials.


The 37-year-old Pierson said, “My opponent on the other hand who may have started out conservative over the last five years, has voted very much in favor of progressives and even Democrats.”

Sessions responded, ”The alternative has been in Washington, vote “no”. I’m in the majority party, we vote “yes.”  We’re achieving things.”


As always, whoever you may choose to support, whether in this race or another, PLEASE GET INVOLVED this season!








In the wake of allegations that Congressman Pete Sessions no longer lives in the address he claims in Dallas, Congressman Sessions' office has issued a pair of statements partially addressing the issue.  


Finding the Congressman's responses to the allegations to be less-than-satisfactory, a group of conservative constituents in Congressional District 32 has published an Open Letter to Congressman Sessions posing questions regarding his claim to reside in Dallas.  The letter is published below.






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